GSH Corp Quality Environment


We provide high complexity service solutions in hemotherapy, cell therapy, radiopharmacy and nuclear medicine. The standardization of processes, investment in high technology and, mainly, our culture of quality and clinical governance, guarantee the highest levels of certification.

The QMentum International accreditation program is one of the most demanding health service assessment models in the world. Applied in more than 40 countries, it ensures quality, safety in care and high-performance care from the donor to the patient.

In May 2021, our units joined the right group of companies that have the Certification, the highest level of excellence. This important step reinforces the perceived engagement in the routine of all employees of the company; our main assets.

The units of São Paulo Blood Bank, Santa Teresa Blood Bank and Hemato Blood Bank received the Certificate in Good Practices for Combating COVID-19, granted by IBES (Brazilian Institute for Health Excellence). The COVID FREE Certificate guarantees that our units follow strict international safety protocols to contain the spread of COVID-19, ensuring that environments are adequate to receive the public without imminent risk of contagion. The GSH Group is the first high complexity hemotherapy company in Brazil certified by the “IBES_Internacional”  methodology, an important step that reinforces our high level of quality and commitment to care for blood donors, patients, and customers.

ISBT stands for the International Society of Blood Transfusion, an international community of professionals sharing knowledge to improve the practice of transfusion medicine worldwide.

In the integrated solutions for nuclear medicine and centralized radiopharmacy (RPH GROUP) we are certified for international best practices and we follow strictly all processes of health protection and transport of radioactive materials of low and high activity.